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Challengers and Champions


John Donne wrote a book which appeared under the title “No Man Is An Island”, and even though this prose was first published in 1624, it is just as relevant here and now in 2021. The book makes the valid point that we are not “entire of ourselves” and that as ... Więcej »

Payment gridlocks: business law and practice


Payment gridlocks arise when the business does not receive the payment for the goods or services delivered to the customer on time. This slows down business development – for example, difficulties arise with introducing new products to the market, salary funds... Więcej »

Where is the global economy now?


If you want to know where to go, it’d be useful to know where are you now. How else are you going to tell which direction to go? This can be very well said about the global economy right these days – everyone knows where they want to go but we are not sure whe... Więcej »

The ‘new’ credit manager is the financial disruptor


Vijay Gangadin, partner at AethiQs strategic consultancy, was a guest speaker at one of the latest event organized by the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Credit Management. AethiQs advises organizations on strategic decision-making and change processes. Vijay focu... Więcej »

Corporate solvency risks on the rise


Weak revenues and low profit margins continue to weigh on corporate profits, gradually raising the pressure on corporate solvency. That is one of the conclusion from the latest third issue of the Financial Stability Review (FSR) prepared by the European Centra... Więcej »

Building Financial Trust – a FinTech approach


Many people say: There is no financial trust between companies; if it comes to money there is no friendship, and no trust neither. Is this true? Let’s use this as a perfect starting point how to make business in an environment that doesn’t know financial trust... Więcej »